interaction, design, development, application

A young band of creative individuals

THe who?

Hi, check out our portfolio here. We are small group of designers and engineers, with our experience in the area of Information Technology we want to share our work with the rest of the world. With our expertise in the current field, we want to showcase and provide the same. We at Nirville are diligent and enthusiastic personalities, but professionally we're mostly Engineers and we know how to fix things. So, On the actual bright side, We have Gamers, Tech Savy blokes, and some of them love their hardware more than their girlfriend. We have had more than 2 years of Industrial experience in Interaction Design, worked on several projects, and mostly on live projects. We would love to work with people with the same energy level we have. Contact us here.

the what?

We Do

  • Interactive Artworks
  • Game Programming
  • Visual Designing
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Occasion Virtual Plan
  • Interactive Interior Design
  • 3D/2D Art & Design


  • Software Simplification
  • Giving Art & Design A Life
  • Introducing New Technologies Locally
  • Visualize things a bit more intrestingly
  • Digitization of non-living things.